A collaborative effort amongst freelancers, influencers, and business owners to combat COVID-19.

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    Welcome to the Leadership Series

    • Leadership Series – Introduction

    • Your Social Media Profiles

    • Before We Begin...

    • COVID-19 Digital Resources for Freelancers, Businesses, Students & More

    • COVID-19 Brick & Mortar Small Business Resilience Guide

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    SBA Disaster Loan

    • Getting Through COVID-19: A Financial Game Plan for Small Businesses

    • SBA Disaster Loan Application Guide (U.S. Only)

    • Payroll Protection Program: CARES Act Visual (U.S. Only)

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    Resources & Training

    • Resources Intro

    • Instructions & Introduce Yourselves

    • How to Use Your Quick Response Leadership Resources

    • Leading in Crisis – 
Brainstorming Checklist

    • Engaging & Communicating with Your Audience - Tips and Ideas

    • Live Group Brainstorming Session Agenda

    • Prioritize Biggest Challenges - Discussion Questions

    • Cash Flow Management - Discussion Checklist

    • Digital Solutions Brainstorming Worksheet

    • From Brick & Mortar to Online Store – Checklist

    • [DOWNLOAD] Full PDF Download

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    Next Steps...

    • 🌟 Group Discussion

    • Transitioning to a Virtual Office

    • The Recession Response Plan by Mike Michalowicz

    • Action Items

    • Additional Resources

You're probably dealing with a lot of tough decisions during these uncertain times...

What should you be doing right now with your finances to survive this crisis? Do you have enough cash in your reserves to ride this out? Should you be thinking about job cuts? How can you come out of this crisis in a strong position to grow revenue when the economy bounces back? You're not alone in asking these hard questions...

That's why I've put together this free resource center along with some training so that we can all discuss and work together towards finding a solution for freelancers, influencers, and business owners alike.